2007 Solar Project -

Orlando, Florida

3720 Watt Array

Each Solar Collector is 155 watt at 24VDC.

Each 4 collectors are series connected. Each group of 6 are in parallel.
The arrays are divided into two MX-60 Outback charge controllers.
These in turn through circuit breakers connect to two GVFX-3648 Outback inverters.

The inverters are controlled by an Outback Mate and Grid-Tied.
There are four 12VDC AGM 245AH batteries in series to power the Inverters at night.
Thanks to Mike Brown of Solar-Ray Orlando Florida for equipment selection and guidance
in this successful application of Photovoltaic energy to assist powering my home.
He can be reached at solarray@solar-ray.net to design your own system!

This project was funded by a grant from through the Florida Solar Energy
Program. Please see their web site at:http://www.dep.state.fl.us/energy/energyact/solar.htm
At the time of this writing, May 05, 2007 the rebate program will refund you $4.00 / watt.
This covers only the Solar Collectors and none of the charge controllers or inverters
or physical supports, wireing.
article by owner: Alan Wesoloski Orlando Florida

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Electricity from the SUN !!!